For everyone that visits my blog, if there are any, this is for you

For the past few days I have been posting a bunch of crap stories just trying to build up my hits. Yeah, I would like to have a lot of traffic and try to build up a “fan-base” I guess, but that’s not how I wanted to do it. I want to be original, I want to write things that I am interested in and hopefully find others that are interested in the same thing as I am

What I am trying to say is that I have no clue what to use this blog for. Few things really interest me. I am pretty open to many new things and I try to not focus all of my thoughts on a few things. My whole life has been geared towards movies and video-games.

Since I was able to make noises that sounded something similar to words, I have been in my brother’s home movies. Since I am the youngest I was always given the part of the person who either:

    a. Gets beaten up
    b. Dies

I have suffered many injuries during my youth; whether it was getting kicked in the face or thrown over my brother’s shoulders onto a concrete driveway, I have been in the center of pain. Now, it seems most people would have been turned off of movies simply because of that, but not me. I spent more time watching movies than I did actually “acting” in them.

During my 19 years of life I have come to appreciate movies more than the average person my age. Sure, a lot of my friends like the same movies I like, but I feel like I see more of the way the movie was put together and how everything comes together at the end. My friends like movies for pure entertainment value, I like them because I want to know how they made that guy’s head getting chopped off look so real, or how they do some crazy, life threatening stunts they do.

After I watch a movie, I immediately go to and look up the movie and the trivia on it. I want to know all of the inside information I can about what I just watched.

I am obsessed with film. Plain and simple. I want to be a film star alongside my brother, who is already on his way. But for me, being rich and famous isn’t exactly what I want, but I wouldn’t complain if I was given that. What I want to do is make kick-ass movies that I want to watch. What is the point in making a movie no one wants to see? Well, for one thing, that movie would never be made(unless you are Michael Bay or Uwe Boll), and second, why waste your time with something shitty when you could make the next Godfather?

Life is all about taking chances, and that is what I am here for, taking chances. So please, help me out here, what should I blog about? My life? Movies? Random news that will get me tons of hits a day? Let me know, I am all ears here.


3 responses to “For everyone that visits my blog, if there are any, this is for you

  1. What about writing stuff YOU find funny and just not give a toss about anyone else? I do that and since I started my blog 5/6 days ago I’ve had 1.400 hits. People are fucking morons for reading what I write, I just write cos I feel like it.

  2. Perhaps write about anything you want to write. You daily life, some things you noticed and found remarkable, funny stuff, anything at all. Whether you get a lot of hits or not, shouldn’t be your main concern in a blog like this. This ain’t official, it’s your own work. And if people don’t like it, they can just fuck off. However, there will be people who do like to read nonsense and crap for a living, and if it’s funny and entertaining, there will be a lot more people interested. This way you will attract a public who really is interested in you and your stuff. And if you don’t get any hits after all, then just see it as a self-reflexion so your time is not wasted.
    And try to use pictures to color your posts, use bold text, but not too often, and most important, keep your posts small. Nobody wants to read a whole page full of life-experience crap. Just a few lines with the basics of what you want to say is enough and will make people scroll down, look for other posts. If they do find something they are really into, they can click the “read more” or just reply and get a conversation going. This will eventually drag more people towards your blog, and make everyone happy.

    Ok, enough “advice” for today :-/
    I’m sure you know better to get people to a blog than me, I just have a news-blog…

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