What a day I had today at work!

Today was my first day of work since the middle of August. I felt refreshed, and a tad nervous to begin working again. I’m still working at the same place I always have, I was just worried I would forget some of the codes I would have to type in. But everything turned out okay, for the most part. My boss bothers me with some of the things he does and his business ethics. He’s a good guy, he just has no problem with taking advantage of people, but I will get to that later.

I woke up around 9:30 this morning, got a cup of coffee and took a shower. I then got ready to go to work and hopped in my car. Ileft my house around 10:20 and got to work at 10:30. Since my boss changed the locks on the door, I didn’t have a key to get inside, so I had to wait for him to arrive. I went next door and ordered a bagel, orange juice, and a coffee to have while waiting on my boss. I called him at 10:40 and he told me he was 10 minutes away, so I went ahead and ate my food. Once I finished I went back outside and checked the store. No sign of anyone. So I waited until my boss arrived.

He finally got to the store with 10 minutes to spare before we opened at 11. I said hello and took a walk around the store to familiarize myself. Not much had changed, aside from the counter and cash register. My boss walked to the back of the store and turned on the lights and turned on his computer while I turned on the rest. We both sat behind the counter talking and looking at websites.

A guy came up to the store and tried to open the door, but it was locked. The door makes a loud noise that echoes when someone tries to open it when it is locked. My boss and I looked at the door and the guy then looked back at each other and started laughing.

Locked door
(yeah he kinda looked like that)

So we sat around another 5 minutes or so, waiting for 11 to come. Once it did, I opened up the door to begin my first day back at work. For the next few hours, I mainly took in returned video-games and movies, occasionally answering the phone. My boss and I talked about him and what he has been doing and selling recently. This is where his business ethics just seem to go away. My boss will do anything to make a quick buck, which really gets to me. He has been selling these systems on eBay and his online store, making a $20 profit on each one. He told me he has sold a ton of those things over the past couple of weeks, but the thing that he has sold the most of are the Nintendo DS Lite package bundles from Costco.

My boss goes to Costco, buys these packages for $165 and then brings them back to the store and sells them for $189.99, making about $25 on each one. Over the course of 3 hours, I took 7 orders for those packages. I felt sorry for some of these people because theu obviously don’t know they are being ripped off, but then some of these people were really happy because the game that comes in the package is a game their child wanted. I guess another thing that gets to me is I am paid a salary with no comission. I sell a lot of crap, and I think for some of the things I sell I should get some sort of comission or at least some sort of praise. Maybe that is asking for too much, I don’ think so.

When someone comes in the sore, I try my best to help them in every way possible. Some guy came in looking for a certain game that we had on our internet store, but not out on the floor. This guy told me he didn’t have access to a computer and asked me if I could place the order for him in the store and let him go ahead and pay for it. I saw no problem with that so I started setting up an online order for him, but my boss looked over and saw what I was doing and said “No. He is going to have to go online and do it himself.” So I looked up at this guy and told him sorry. I turned away as the man began to leave. My boss told me we didn’t have time to do that kind of thing in the store, then he proceeded to surf MySpace.

I don’t get my boss sometimes, he wants to make all the money he can, but when has the opportunity to make $10 right then and there, he refuses the offer. I don’t see what the big deal would have been with ordering that guy the video game right there, but apparently my boss did. As the day went on, my boss became more and more frustrated because I wasn’t going at “normal” speed or doing things the “right” way according to him. Forgive me, but this is my first day back at work in 4 months. Of course I will be a little rusty, give me a break.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better. I will report back tomorrow on my second day of work.


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