Wiimote strap breaks – lawsuits ensue

So some of the straps on the Wii’s cotroller are beginning to snap, sending the Wiimote flying through the air, often damaging TVs and other objects. Now the unfortunate souls this has happened to have decided to sue Nintendo for damages.

wiimote and strap

In my opinion, this is ludicrous. In order for these straps to break, and for the controller to go flying through the air, these people must literally be throwing their controllers! I don’t know why these people would let the controller out of their grip in the first place, but getting to into a game that you are throwing your controller? If you ask me, these people deserve to have their TVs break if they are dumb enough to let their controller go while playing a game. I would also bet no more than 50% of these people even wore the wrist strap while playing and just threw their controller on accident. Sure, the strap might not be that sturdy, but these people need to take responsibility for their actions. I bet these same people would sue McDonalds if they spilled hot coffee on themselves.

Here is a link to a lawsuit filed.


3 responses to “Wiimote strap breaks – lawsuits ensue

  1. I disagree. I was at my friends house playing some Wii Sports after he first got his. After about 4 hours of play, the strings of all 4 wiimotes were showing signs of fraying, and not once had a controller been let go.

    The whole point of the strap is that *just incase* you let go, it’s there to save you. It clearly doesn’t do that.

    I don’t know why the hole on the wiimote for where the sring goes is so small, the hole should’ve been huge for some thick fabric to go in, it makes sense to me anyways

  2. I thought the same as you until my sons strap broke and his controller smashed his 32″ LCD tv. It’s bad because I was saying just it must be the people’s fault. Only thing is he was just playing the game when the controller slipped and the strap broke.

  3. That sucks a lot. I am hoping to get one, and I will be sure to be very careful when playing it. Maybe the best to do is not use the strap at all, thus feeling more comfortable while playing with my Wii.

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