Duke rape accuser gives birth

Remember that stripper who claimed to be raped by those three Duke lacrosse team members? Well she just gave birth last night. The defense is asking for a paternity test to hopefully clear the Duke players.

I think this case should be thrown out a long time ago. This lady can not keep her story straight nor can she even positively identify the so called rapers. She was just some poor stripper trying to make some quick money by saying she was raped by three guys who all attend Duke. Everyone knows Duke costs a left arm to attend so these guys have to have some money, and she figured it would be a breeze through. A black stripper gets raped by 3 prosperous white men, and since us white folk are all racist and hate blacks, a case(and hopeful win) was in store.

I really think these guys are innocent, but if they aren’t then I feel sorry for her and all the trouble she has been through. Here is the story.



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